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Amy is such a beautiful soul inside and out. I’ve had the pleasure of having both mediumship and spiritual life guidance sessions with her and each time I’m amazed at her accuracy and compassion with which she delivers messages. When she brought through my dad, I knew it was him immediately because of the evidence she gave. My experiences with her have been healing and inspiring. I highly recommend booking with Amy —don’t hesitate! Thank you Amy for the gift that you are!!!



The mediumship reading I had with Amy left me feeling a love and peacefulness that I have not felt since my Mom passed. She was very accurate and I had no doubt she was connected with my Mom and Dad. She eased the distress I was feeling about certain issues by telling me things that totally resonated with me. Amy delivers messages from spirit in a kind and loving way. A huge weight has been lifted off of me and I feel so uplifted. Thank you so much Amy.



Amy was such a kind, loving energy. I had received only one reading before and it was not as personal and on-point as this one. She delivered some beautiful messages from spirit and it was obvious she has a true gift. The two spirits I wanted came through and I really needed to hear the messages she relayed. I am going through a time where I just lost someone very close to me and she handled my emotion with grace and compassion. I cannot thank her enough.


The mediumship reading that Amy did to bring through my Dad has truly been a gift. She was spot on for things like the date of his passing, his grandfather worked on the railroad, etc. Things that there is no way she could have known. She also confirmed for me a number of things that I leaving his body prior to his passing, etc. You have provided me more comfort than you will ever know. Thank you, Amy! You are such a blessing and are truly gifted! Keep doing what you do! I highly recommend Amy if you want to connect with a passed loved one! She is absolutely amazing!


Amazing reading! I was able to validate so many things. Everything said was accurate. I truly enjoyed and appreciate the reading.


Honestly, it was perfect. Although I didn’t connect with my intended loved one, I was given much-needed guidance- I had literally been crying to my sister an hour earlier about not being my authentic self and not knowing where or how to start moving forward. I think the loved ones who had stepped forward to connect with me are ones that are constantly with my sister, and I was with her in her apartment during the session. My “cloudiness” was sensed, which is a very appropriate descriptor of how I feel now, and I was advised on how to move out of it. The session was perfect; I’m pretty blown away, to be honest. I will take the advice of seeking another session in 1 year, and I look forward to the energetic progress I will make. I am having my sister contact for a session as well. Thank you!!


The beautiful and extremely accurate reading I was given has freed my soul. I am extremely grateful for your help and ability.


Amy gave me my reading and it was honestly a blessing. She was on point with what she said . After the reading I feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart and I can't thank you enough.


I definitely got a spot on reading, Amy was very good. I knew there was a presence with me, and it was not only confirmed... My Best Friend (who I named my daughter after) said it. I never had closure of her passing. And it had been 17 years coming this March 4th. I feel at peace now. I always see the butterflies and wondered, knew they were some kind of spirit sign, and she confirmed that too. It was very sweet and loving.


First, thank you Amy. My family was very touched by the update on how our grandparents are doing in Heaven and the advice they gave will go a long way to keeping us close.  My family is really grateful. I liked the introduction Amy gave and how she explained spirits communicate in symbols which I think helps people understand more what is happening during the reading. I was really impressed with Amy’s ability. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy for a reading.


Receiving a reading from Amy is just like talking to an angel. I felt so uplifted from the messages Amy brought forward from Spirit. She has a real gift. I highly recommend her services.


Very impressed with my mediumship reading it was spot on!


Amy was awesome she really gave me a sense of peace, I am so happy I booked with you! I feel so much better and really felt like my heart was healed, thanks so so much.


Amazingly accurate work! She is such a beautiful soul and brought so many things forward I never even thought of. Very practical advice with her insights would definitely get another reading with!


Amy is such a sweet spirit. She came to the reading prepared and had already spent a considerable amount of time addressing my question(s). Her insight was both timely and helpful. I am glad I was able to connect. Thank you.


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