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About Me

Amy Robinson is a evidential medium and teacher located in Arizona. She is blessed to be married to her soulmate Nate, and together they have 3 children and 2 dogs. Amy is highly sensitive to spirit energy and has been on a quest for spirituality since 2008. During this time spirit has been teaching her all she needed to know about how to heal our emotional wounds energetically. She became very passionate about teaching others what she has learned from the spirit world and started teaching live on Facebook in 2018.  Since then she has continued her development in connecting with the spirit world by doing one on one private readings over the phone. She has a great passion to help those who are grieving the loss of loved ones and feels very blessed to be the conduit for the connections needed for healing.
Amy has donated hundreds of hours of time over the last year to help those looking to make connections with their loved ones in heaven. She believes we all have the ability to connect with spirit and through experiencing the connection a reading can provide it allows you to have stronger connections with your loved ones on your own. She says "When we go within and heal our hearts magic happens and we are better able to make connections with our loved ones on our own." 
Amy loves to teach and assist others in learning how to strengthen and build a new relationship with their loved ones on the other side. She says "Everyone has the ability to receive signs from their loved ones so they know they are still with them, the empowerment that comes from knowing our loved ones never leave us, gives us the courage to move forward with our lives. With this understanding, we know our loved ones are right by our side encouraging us and rooting us on." 

Amy loves to mentor others on the expansion of their own unique talents to connect to the spirit world. We are all given the ability to connect with our loved ones on the other side and it is through understanding how to use our own abilities that we open more doors to a full relationship with the spirit world. Whether you are looking to enhance your abilities as a medium or you just want to learn to connect with your personal loved ones Amy can help. Check the events tab for current online live workshops, circle development, and live class schedules.​


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